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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a student / university staff. When and where do I apply for my Erasmus mobility application?

The participation of students / staff in Erasmus + mobility activities is provided by higher education institutions where they are students / staff. Higher education institutions determine their own election calendars to select the students and staff they will send and carry out their selection procedures. Students / university staff make their applications to the institutions where they are students / staff in the calendar announced by their higher education institutions.

Does Erasmus + offer different opportunities for higher education students?

With the Erasmus + period, “Joint Master Degrees” and Credit Guarantee for Master Students (Erasmus + Master Degree Loans) were offered for students who are at higher education level and are planning a master's degree.

It is recommended to examine the following links of the European Commission on details:
Joint Master Degrees:
Erasmus+ Master Degree Loans:

Can graduate students benefit from education and internship activities?

Students must have student status for student learning mobility. On the other hand, with the amendment made in the new term, new graduates were enabled to benefit from student internship activities. This allows students who apply to the internship program while their student status continues, to be able to do internship mobility for 2-12 months within 1 year after graduation. If the student wants to benefit from the internship activity after graduation, he / she should apply to the higher education institution while he / she is still studying and be selected. Applications are not accepted after graduation.

As a student, how long can I benefit from education and internship activities?

Students have the opportunity to benefit from Erasmus student mobility activities for 12 months with or without grant at each level of education (undergraduate, graduate and doctorate). However, in case of participation in education or internship mobility during the Lifelong Learning Program period, this period is counted within a total of 12 months.

Who can help me with accommodation?

It is not the responsibility of the National Agency or higher education institutions to arrange accommodation for those who will benefit from higher education student and staff mobility activities. However, the EU offices of the institutions that will be students and will be hosted will inform the students about where to stay and share their experiences, if any.

Who can help me with visa procedures?

Visa procedures are under the responsibility of the participants. It is important to complete the documents requested by the consulate / embassy of the country of destination during the visa application. In order to facilitate the visa procedures, students who receive a grant within the scope of our program will be able to receive an official letter by their universities in the form of “They are selected within the scope of higher education student mobility and will receive grant up to… monthly”.

Is it possible for me to benefit from higher education student and staff mobility regardless of the higher education institution I am affiliated with?

No. Higher education student and staff mobility activities can only be utilized through higher education institutions with students or staff members.

In addition to the grant I will receive from the higher education institution, is it possible for me to receive a grant by applying to the National Agency?

No. The National Agency transfers the entire grant to higher education institutions. Individual applications are not accepted and there is no separate grant for individual applications.

Can I choose the country that I'll go or higher education institution?

Within the scope of higher education student learning mobility and staff teaching mobility, common higher education institutions abroad can only be reached, in which higher education institutions are contracted. However, if the higher education institutions where the students and staff are students / staff report your connections to the Erasmus offices, there are opportunities to lead the agreement between the relevant institution and the institutions.

How to agreements between institutions?

Inter-institutional agreements are signed between the faculties / departments of higher education institutions in a way that allows a certain number of students / staff to mobilize for certain periods by authorized persons of higher education institutions. Although students do not have the opportunity to make inter-institutional agreements, it is possible to assist university officials in finding partners. However, no agreement can be directed at the person of a particular student, even if it is a student who prepares the ground for this agreement. Every agreement that is owned is by the institution and is open to all students.

Can I go to the internship institution that I found for the student internship program?
Students can do internships in the places recommended by their universities, and they can find their internship places and apply to Erasmus coordinatorships. Students who are selected according to the selection criteria for the relevant academic year can benefit from the activity within the quota, either among the students who apply to the university's proposed internship institutions or those who apply with their internship places.
Who can benefit from the staff training mobility?

Academic and administrative staff of higher education institutions can participate in this activity to improve themselves in their fields of study and to share experiences with their European colleagues.

Can I complete my semester in X country then continue my mobility in Y country? Can I get grant under this circumstance?

If there is no grant to extend the period, the student may be allowed to stay for another term without any grant given, providing all the rules of the program and with the consent of the university. On the other hand, extending the term is only valid when the student stays in the same university. To participate in the exchange program for the second time in a different country, there has to be a new process of application and selection.

Can I do my internship in two different institutions? Can I get a grant under this circumstance?

An Erasmus + mobility activity is completed in a single institution from the beginning to the end. It is not accepted to carry out a part of the activity in another institution and a part in another institution. Internship is done in a single institution for at least 2 months for internship mobility; An internship to be held for 1 month in another institution and 1 month in another institution is not accepted as Erasmus + internship mobility and grants are not given.

I could not take the "After Mobility Exam" for my OLS (Online Linguistic Support) exam. Can the exam be resubmitted?

Students are required to take two OLS exams at the beginning and end of the activity. Exams are automatically sent to the e-mail address of the student registered in the system according to the activity start-end dates registered in the OLS system. The system gives users 1 month to complete both exams; Exams that are not made within the period will be canceled. It is not possible to activate an exam that has not been done within the time limit. Students who have a technical problem related to the exam must report to the Erasmus offices of their universities as soon as possible.

I am a student, I was selected to operate for 5 months. But my university only grants for 4 months. Does my university have such a right?

As Erasmus + budget facilities are limited and the participation request is higher than the current budget, universities can partially grant mobility to enable more students to participate in the mobility. Universities can determine the time they can donate according to their budget and demand. For a grant student, the grant period cannot be less than 3 months in education mobility and 2 months in internship mobility.

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